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About Us
Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar Smart City Development Corporation Limited (CSSCDCL) is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. CSSCDCL was incorporated in September 2016, following the selection of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar in Round 2 of Smart City Mission Challenge, for the implementation of the Smart City project. CSSCDCL is jointly owned by the Government of Maharashtra and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar Municipal Corporation.
A clean and green city which is loveable having its rich cultural and natural heritage fabric seamlessly interwoven with technology and intelligence providing affordable , safe, quality urban life being socially inclusive.
  • Make the city tourist friendly through improved urban mobility and mobile application based information system.
  • Promote the natural heritage & rich culture of the city at national and international level by focusing on protection and care of tangible cultural heritage including archeology and artworks
  • Develop tourism attractions for modern era youths.
  • Creative advertising through social media campaigns of special events and occasions like Ellora festival, Maha Expo, etc.
  • Map existing infrastructure and upgrade the system using IOT and ICT based technology.
Contact Us
Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar Smart City Development Corporation Limited
Smart City Office, War Room, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research Center, Near Aamkhas Maidan,
Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar- 431001.
0240-2617101 / 02402333536
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User can Login from Login option at left side, user can also save the password after Login to screen.
User can change password from power icon right side corner after Login to the portal. Where user can find Change password and Logout option.
User can share link on social media by the share option at left side options on the Map.
User can change language from top bar (English and Hindi)
User can find location by coordinate search from the Map tool option from the map menu.
User can get information from any feature layers from the left menu Layers.
User can draw anything on map from main menu Tools. Where user can find Drawing tools to draw something on map.
User can measure anything on Map from main menu Tools. Where user can measure length, area to find particular location on map.
User can clear graphics on the map from option clear map on map.
User can find Base Map Gallery option to change view to satellite from the left side option bar.
User can upload KML File from Map tool.
User can display legend on Map from Map tool option Legends.
User can find different feature by query function from Query menu such as Attribute,Spatial, Predefined.
User can find places on the map from left side option of search places on Map.
User can export from the option available in the bottom of the map as Print.
User can find option of bookmark at the bottom of the map to bookmark anything on map.
Muzaffarpur City GIS citizen portal is smart city initiative which integrates geo spatial data from all government departments for providing easy and hassle free information for the residents and the tourists. The portal is a free service to help locate places in Muzaffarpur.
The Layers are defined under broad categories as:
1. Public utility
2. Administrative Boundary
3. Financial services/Commercial
4. Transportation
5. Health
6. Education
7. Service Utility
Muzaffarpur GIS citizen portal will be accessible for 24*7.
The portal supports IE9+, Firefox 10+, Safari 2+, Opera 8+ and Google Chrome 10+.
Yes, you can get the map feature information by using identifier from map tool available in the left menu of portal.
Select the Measure tool from menu tools and place the key points along the route or surrounding the area of interest and the linear distance or area will be highlighted on map.
Yes, you can feature information by using identifier from map tool available in left menu of portal.
You can select clear map from left menu, tool is also available.
You can use the pan from map tools on left panel of citizen portal.
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